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Igula Tours is a tour operations company based in KwaZulu Natal Province of South Africa. We operate mainly in the Elephant Coast, which is famous for its game reserve and heritage sites. Distinctive destinations include Hluhluwe. St Lucia and the Wetlands.

Our prominent category of tour operation is transportation, tour guide and tourism events.

Founder and Manager

The founder of Igula is Sanele Thwala. His motivation was the desire to professionally showcase the beauty, the experience and the adventure of one of the world’s richest tour areas. Sanele himself grew up in the area a developed great love for his neighbourhood. His experience in professional tourism adds great value to the activities of Igula.

Tour Operation Team Capacity

Our team is well trained and experienced in safe adventure. You will get the most out of your tour package as our tour guides are well acquainted with the area and distinctive sites in the best timing. They are well versed with significant values attached to each area and activity. We believe that it's very fulfilling to discover some items for on your own with guidance in close proximity, so we make provision for that. In that case our focus is on your safety as in all cases.


We prepare vehicles to suit the nature of tour package that you choose. It could be 4x4 for rugged riding, minibus for small groups and coaches for larger groups. Special arrangements can be made for safari vehicles to suit any number of tourists. Our vehicles are well serviced to ensure that your tour is safe at all times.

Our Inspiration

Igula is a Zulu name for a gourd of calabash, the remnant shell of dried out contents of the calabash fruit. The Zulu still use it to serve water and other purposes including amasi (sour milk). There couldn't have been a better way for us to define our timeless resourcefulness.

Our Commitment

We seek to strike a balance between adventure and safety. Our tours expose you to the natural world as close as possible. Alongside we progressively develop better safety standards.

We are diligent to regularly acquire better methods of tourism service and maximise tourism opportunities in our area.

To keep our teem motivated and enthusiastic in all our engagement while we build better relationships with our clients.


Igulatours is compliant with all statutory requirements of the trade according to South African regulatory standards. We are affiliated to the Elephant Coast tourism regulator. We operate according to the criteia set by the Zulu Kingdom, which is a tourism body that governs all actities in the province.

As an entity, we are properly registered according to CIPRO. We meet recommended standards for affirmative action.


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